Survey Interest

The first step in our expansion process is surveying interest. We define large survey areas to see how many people are interested in getting Citizens Fiber. Once enough people are interested, your survey area will be divided into Fiber Zones where we begin taking commitments. Spread the word, become a Fiber Buddy, and help your survey area become a Fiber Zone faster!

Take Commitments

Once your survey area is divided into street-specific Fiber Zones, we begin the commitment process. Each Fiber Zone has a target number of commitments needed in order receive Citizens Fiber. In this phase, you will register for service, which will require a $25.00 deposit.

This small deposit entitles you to a free installation, and ultimately your $25.00 will be credited toward your first bill with Citizens. If we don't get enough commitments in your zone to build to your area, we will refund you the full amount. Once the commitment number in your zone is reached, we move on to the construction phase.


Fiber Zones are designed and constructed in the order that their target number of commitments is reached. Once we have the minimum number of registrations, we will build our service to your zone. This engineering and construction phase and can take anywhere from 4-12 weeks, depending on the size and complexity of your zone. At the end of this process your entire zone will be able to receive Citizens Fiber's industry leading services.


Once construction is completed, your service can be activated! A Citizens Fiber representative will reaffirm the package of services that best suit your needs and schedule your free installation. Be sure to check out our Bundle Builder!

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