Frequently Asked Questions

Account Questions
Go to the Webpay portal and follow the directions for submitting a one time payment, or setup a recurring payment.
Check out this map to see where we currently provide service, and where we are looking to expand. If we don't currently provide service in your area, but you would like us to, let us know! Submit your information here to be added to our list of people to contact if we expand into your area.
Citizens can help any business host its website. Please call technical support at 724-423-5777 for more details about web hosting services.
Citizens offers domain name registration. If your domain is registered with Citizens then you can choose whether your email accounts are reflected as "" or "@yourdomain."
Check to see if it is one cable box affected or if it is all of your cable boxes. If it is just one box, try checking the input on your television to make sure that it is set to the input that your cable box is connected to. If you are still having trouble contact Technical Support at 724-423-5777.
If you bring your remote control into our office, we can exchange it for a new one.
If you look on our Residential or Business phone pages you can see what areas are included in local calling depending on where you live.