Streaming TV

Did you see us on Amazon?

To use our app you must live in our service area in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania. The Citizens Fiber TV app is available for free download on Amazon, App Store, Google Play Store, etc. To use the app, you must be a Citizens Fiber cable and internet subscriber. Not a Citizens customer? Check your address here to see if Citizens is available in your area!
What is Streaming TV?

Much of the programming that is available to watch on your television is also availble to stream to your other devices. Mobile phones, video game consoles, Smart TVs and many other devices such as Google Chromecast have the ability to stream video content to apps loaded on your device. Cable cusomters at Citizens Fiber have access to much of this content through a Watch TV Everywhere login. Citizens Fiber internet cutomers have access to some of these services as well, such as WatchESPN.

watch TV everywhere

Watch TV Everywhere is the authentication provider Citizens Fiber uses to give you access to streaming TV with your cable subscription. When you go to a site or launch an app you will be asked to login with your cable provider. watch TV Everywhere provides this login information.

How to access TV Everywhere

First Time Users: (Please have copy of your current bill on hand for information required to complete registration)
  1. Go to and choose "Citizens Fiber" as your cable provider.
  2. Click on the register tab and fill out all the information on the register page. Click "Register" to complete your registration to TV Everywhere.
  3. Check the email address that you have just provided in registration. An email will appear from with a link in the body of the message. Click the link which will activate your account. (Not seeing the email? Check your "Junk" Folder)
  4. Log in to watch TV Everywhere with the information that you provided in registration.
To watch TV Everywhere:
  1. Visit and select "Citizens Fiber" as your provider, if not already selected.
  2. Click the "log in" tab and enter your email and password.
  3. Select the network that you would like to watch. (e.g. Comedy Central)
  4. You will now see a list of programs that are available through that cable network.
  5. Select the program that you would like to watch! Viola! You're ready to enjoy TV Everywhere!

Networks Available