Battery Backup Information

Battery Backup Information

Citizens Fiber uses a Passive Fiber Optic Network (meaning no electronics between the consumer and Citizens Fiber's main equipment), consumers who have their ONT plugged into an Un-Interrupted Power Supply (UPS) with battery backup possess the ability to keep all their services on in the event of a power outage.

Citizens Fiber's Fiber-to-the-Home utilizes an Optical Network Terminal (ONT) that is powered by an electrical outlet. If the ONT loses power, all Citizens Fiber services, including calls to 911 or any home security and medical monitoring that relies on telephone service, will not work.

For an ONT to function in the event of a power outage, it requires a power supply with a backup battery.

In the past, Citizens often included a backup battery with the ONT installed for its consumers. These previously provided battery backups were only enabled to power the telephone during power outages in case of emergencies. Due to declining usage of landlines and the increasing number of cellular phones available for emergency situations, Citizens Fiber is no longer mandated to offer this service. As of January 1, 2018, Citizens is discontinuing this telephone-only back up service. If you received a battery from Citizens without charge, you will not be charged for keeping the battery, but Citizens will no longer be supporting or monitoring that battery's charge. Citizens does not guarantee that your current battery will operate properly during a power outage. You are responsible for making your decision about whether or how to supply back-up power for your telephone service.*

Moving forward, consumers that wish to have a battery backup for their services will have two options:

  1. The first option is for consumers to purchase their own Un-Interrupted Power Supply unit. A list of Citizens Fiber Recommended UPS Suppliers that you can purchase and maintain on your own is listed above. Consumers wishing to purchase their own power supply with battery back-up are responsible for proper usage and storage, and the self-testing and monitoring of that unit on a regular basis. Talk time and battery duration will depend on the battery type and size the consumer wishes to purchase.
  2. The second option is for consumers who wish to have Citizens Fiber provide and monitor battery backup to their ONT can now rent a power supply from Citizens that can keep the services they wish to be powered on. The new power supply and battery backup can be installed for a one-time installation fee of $25, and a monthly fee of $5 per service for maintaining and monitoring the new unit.** This will only provide back-up power for the service and will not provide battery backup for the consumer's devices. This battery backup is rated to last at least 8 hours of talk time when it is only enabled to power the phone. Consumers wishing to rent a power supply with battery backup should keep the battery in a location with normal room temperatures ranging between 59-77℉. Consumers that rent a battery do not need to concern themselves with the battery's warranty because Citizens will replace the unit free of charge in the event of a malfunction. Consumers can extend the time of their battery backup power by stacking up to 3 batteries in a power supply.

*Consumers will be able to keep their old power supply until a technician visits the consumer's location, whether for a service or trouble call. At that time, the old unit will be removed, and the consumer will have to decide whether or not to rent a new power supply from Citizens Fiber.

**If you qualify for Lifeline 135 service, you may request for your new power supply and battery backup to be installed and maintained for no charge.